The Selá River.

The best Salmon catch per rod anywhere in Iceland

The Selá River is one of Iceland’s largest clearwater rivers and is widely considered to be one of the best salmon rivers in the world. With its crystal clear water and deep gorges, the river is set in open country, offering challenging pools which require thought and observation for even the most experienced anglers. The river is set in a sparsely populated part of Iceland, accessible by gravel road only.

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With six beats spread over 36km and a season lasting from late June to late September, we are confident that our experienced guides will be able to maximise your time in this extraordinary natural setting. And with the highest catch per rod of any river in Iceland, everyone has a great chance to catch (and then release) one of our wild salmon!

The Strengur Angling Club and Six Rivers were responsible for the construction of two fish ladders on this river. The first in 1970, increased the access for salmon from 9km to 26km. The second built in 2011, lengthened the capability of the river to its current 36km. This ensures a strong and sustainable future for this wonderful salmon river.

FREE PASS! Please Note: We have such high regard for the salmon that survive at sea, travel up 36km of Sela rapids, and climb 2 ladders that we give all salmon above the second Sela ladder a free pass. We want that DNA in the river!
River information

120 pools
6 rods
36km fishable river length
Location: North East Iceland
2022 catch: 1164

Staying by the Selá

Historical Season Catch











Fishing Rules

To fully immerse yourself in the Icelandic Fishing trip of your dreams, you’ll be staying at our fantastic facilities along the river in our Selá Lodge, constructed by Six Rivers.

Atlantic Salmon in the Selá River

Fishing Lodge

Fish Ladder



Bank Pool

Long Pool

Escapee Pool

New Bridge Pool

Cecil's Pool

Theatre Pool

Bridge Pool

Runners Pool

Skeleton Coast Pool

Hamilton's Pool

Erik's Pool

Orri's Pool

Mill Chimneys Pool

Boulders Pool

Big Sam's Pool

Sheep Pool

Teasdale's Pool

Little River Pool

Deep Pool

Glassy Pool

Cliff Pool

Romane's Pool

Swimming Pool

Buspass Pool

Walking Bridge Pool

The Corner Pool

Cooke-Hurle's Pool

Waterfall Pool

Belstaff Pool

Alchemists Pool

Denni's Pool

Picasso Pool

Gauguin's Delight Pool

Bear Pool

Shuttlecock Pool

Marie's Pool

Lowry Pool

Red Pool

Julia's Pool

Catherine's Pool

Sherpa Pool

George's Pool

George Bush Pool

Jim's Pool

Chagall Pool

Thorns beach Pool

Broken Bridge Pool

Dali Pool

Gísli's Pool

Failsworth Pool

Monet Pool

Green Pool

Pissarro Pool

Nash Pool

Dyer's Pool

Alan's Pool

Africa 100 Pool

Britannia Pool

Degas Pool

Magritte Pool

Falcons Pool

Van Gogh Pool

Delvaux Pool

Cézanne Pool

Odd Man Out Pool

Cameron Diaz Pool

Ioi Pool

Viking Pool

Toulouselautrec Pool

Kandinsky Pool




Fish ladder


Main Road

Selá River

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