Helping save some of Africa’s great wild places

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Approach

Our Work

Our Mission

Six Rivers Africa’s mission is to protect, restore and preserve some of the most remote and deteriorating parts of southern and western Tanzania.

Our Approach

Six Rivers Africa has a tried-and-tested model, working alongside local authorities and government officials. This creates a unique opportunity to make a real difference in one of the core ecosystems in Africa.

We believe it is important to work from the facts, allowing local communities to take ownership, which is why our approach is data driven and ‘Tanzanian led’.

Our Work

Six Rivers Africa has developed five core pillars that we believe will create the foundations for a successful project, to restore and preserve wilderness areas.

Core pillars

Five core pillars underpin the Six Rivers Africa approach – to bring about change through research, protection, restoration, community, and sustainability.


  • Suport of base-line biodiversity audits
  • Large animal collaring and monitoring
  • Pioneering eDNA aquatic water studies


  • Support Government security engagement with training and mobile rangers
  • Aerial support through helicopter and light aircraft
  • Hand-in-hand with community engagement

Wildlife Restoration

  • Biannual census to monitor change
  • Key animal re-introductions


  • Building of local schools
  • Provision of local employment supported through Safari Training
  • Schools “Kids in the Bush” programmes to develop an understanding of the park


  • Close affiliation with Government, local authorities and other interested third parties


Six Rivers Iceland is a not-for-profit conservation programme, which seeks to reverse the decline of the Atlantic salmon.