Our mission is to protect, restore and preserve wilderness areas, and increase the wildlife population again, so that the flora and fauna can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The Six Rivers Foundation works within Iceland and Africa to promote the future protection of both invaluable places.

Both projects work with the local communities to develop small-scale, sustainable tourism to fund direct conservation research, and sensitive ways to protect and preserve them for the future.
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About Iceland Project

The Six Rivers Iceland Project aims to birth and sustain a long-term not-for-profit Salmon Conservation project within Iceland. Partnerships have been formulated with local conservation projects along the main salmon rivers in the northeastern part of Iceland.

Knowledge from the local Strengur anglers club and well-informed Ecologists from Oxford University in England is being combined in an effort to maximise the Salmon population and its surrounding habitat while simultaneously leaving the remaining wildlife unhindered as much as possible.

About Africa Project

Six Rivers Africa was set up under the guidance of the Six Rivers Foundation, a representative body acting on behalf of Sir Jim Ratcliffe, one of Great Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs with a love for Africa and a keen conservationist.

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Six Rivers Iceland is a not-for-profit conservation programme, which seeks to reverse the decline of the Atlantic salmon. 


Six Rivers Africa is a not-for-profit conservation initiative which seeks to understand, protect, and promote biodiversity in the wetlands and former hunting areas of Southern Tanzania.