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Growing Green: The rapid growth of our Forestry project

In a world increasingly concerned with environmental sustainability, initiatives that prioritize reforestation and afforestation are gaining traction. In 2019, we started our forestry programme in Vopnafjörður. Right from the start we hit decent numbers with our plantings, around 10,000 trees a year. However, we wanted to aim higher.

The speed at which the project has expanded is truly impressive. In 2023, we almost quadrupled the numbers of saplings planted from the previous year with planting over 90,000 trees, and we are growing 2.5-fold in 2024. This accelerated growth can be attributed to a combination of factors, including thorough planning, clear objectives, and excellent teamwork.

Moreover, the project doesn’t stop at merely planting trees, but also contributes to biodiversity conservation. By restoring habitats and creating corridors for wildlife, it supports a diverse array of plant and animal species, thereby enhancing ecosystem resilience. With building stronger ecosystems, they become more resilient to external factors and help us stabilize the in-river systems.

But perhaps the most significant impact of this forestry project lies in its contribution to feeding the energy systems of the rivers and strengthening the food webs in the rivers. By this we ensure more food for the Atlantic salmon and contribute that way in more juveniles that go back to sea and hopefully we will see more of them return to our rivers in the future.

As we are proud of all the hard work we have done in the last years regarding our forestry programme, we also had to say goodbye earlier this year to an important contributor of the forestry programme. He did not only guide us when we were taking our first steps in the forestry world, but with his hard work and great networking skills, he ensured that we would grow successfully in the years to come. Thank you Björn, for your contribution.

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