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New Six Rivers Lodge at Miðfjarðará: Perfect Retreat in a Remote Environment

Six Rivers Iceland has officially opened a new fishing lodge at Miðfjarðará in Bakkafjörður. This magnificent lodge is the result of extensive construction work that began a few years ago and is located about two kilometers upstream from the old fishing lodge.

Gísli Ásgeirsson, CEO of Six Rivers, says the lodge is about 450 square meters in size and contains four spacious rooms, each around 30-32 square meters with en-suite bathrooms. “We want to provide our anglers with the best possible facilities. There is also the option of having a chef and staff service at the lodge, ensuring that anglers can enjoy their fishing trip without having to worry about anything else,” says Gísli.

Six Rivers has been leasing Miðfjarðará since 2015, and it has become extremely popular among anglers. The river is remote and has retained its natural charm, which is highly appreciated by fishermen.

Fishing at Miðfjarðará has been excellent in recent years. Last year, 191 salmon were caught, and in the summer of 2022, 227 salmon were caught, which is very good considering that only two rods are fished in the river. The new lodge is located at the confluence of Miðfjarðará and Litla-Kverká, providing access to many fishing spots with good accessibility.

Six Rivers has also worked on improving the fishing area by opening a fish ladder at Fálkafoss and creating steps in three waterfalls above it. These changes have doubled the fishing area and improved habitats for salmon. “We have confirmed that spawning has succeeded above Fálkafoss, which is crucial for the future of the salmon stock,” says Gísli.

The new fishing lodge at Miðfjarðará is just one of many projects by Six Rivers in East Iceland. The company is currently preparing constructions in Hofsá and Hafralónsá. With these new lodges, Six Rivers aims to offer the best possible facilities at these unique locations. They are also available outside the fishing season, providing opportunities for various activities in these enchanting settings.


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