Preventing Overfishing in Our Rivers

By enforcing rules that limit the amount and type of fishing in our rivers, we significantly reduce the pressure on the salmon. We are confident that by changing traditional fishing habits, we can enhance both the quality of the rivers and improve the life of the fish that inhabit them.

The seven main fishing rules are:

  • 100% catch and release.
  • Reducing fishing hours to four per session so that the maximum fishing time per day is eight hours.
  • All rods on the rivers are guided to ensure that the rules of the river are maintained at all times and the anglers’ experience is enhanced.
  • Limit the daily catch to four fish per rod per session or eight fish per rod per day.
  • Allow only light fishing tackle. No weighted flies and no sinking lines are allowed. Floating lines only.
  • We give all salmon above the second ladder on the Selá a free pass. We want that DNA in the river!
  • No hooks larger than a size 10 are used on our rivers.

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