Experts pledge to act

RUNNING OUT OF TIME: WORLD EXPERTS PLEDGE TO ACT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR THE ATLANTIC SALMON. Classified as endangered, the population of Wild North Atlantic Salmon has slumped by 70% and is now at its lowest level ever recorded[1]. World Experts met in Reykjavik to accelerate research into the conservation of this iconic […]

Videos of lectures for the annual Salmon Symposium

Previous Next New photos from the international Symposium on the Salmon in Reykjavik on January 23rd have now been added to the web. The Symposium was well attended, bringing together leading world experts on the salmon to discuss ways to save the threatened species. The salmon is now classified as endangered after an alarming drop […]

About farm transactions

In a letter to the editor in Bændabladid’s (The Farmers’ Newspaper) latest edition (19 March 2020), Gísli Ásgeirsson, Strengur’s CEO, talks about the Six Rivers Conservation Project, farm transactions, and limits to farm transactions proposed by the Prime Minister. Strengur Angling Club was founded 60 years ago. Its activities have at times been included in […]

Ten thousand plants planted this summer

ONE OF THE MANY SAPLINGS PLANTED IN VOPNAJFORDUR THIS SUMMER. This summer, about 10,000 plants have been planted in connection with the Six Rivers Project’s reforestation effort in North East Iceland. The planting is part of Six Rivers’ extensive development, protection, and research work to support and protect the Icelandic salmon. The project calls for […]